Developing Access Programs with Advanced Database Solutions

SQL Database Management Designed by A.D.S.

Your company can easily outgrow the capabilities of your database program, potentially causing a multitude of problems for you and your operators.
Your data system needs to grow along with your company, and this is where MS SQL Server excels. Advanced Database Solutions can help your migrate your back-end data to the strongest DBMS on the market.

ADS often utilizes SQL Server with clients who need larger programs that require over 20 simultaneous users. SQL Server offers the highest levels of speed and capacity for the most advanced business systems. To find out if using SQL Server is the best choice for your business, call us at 1 (539) 202-3854‬


Positives of working with SQL Server

  • Easily integrates with Microsoft Access components, allowing for a quick and painless upgrade or a easy to use new system.
  • Enterprise-grade management software. Making it a perfect solution for larger and growing businesses.
  • Multi layer security incorporated making keeping your data secure easy and quick.

  • SQL Server can be swapped with your MS Access database back-end, all while leaving the users and MS Access interface experience virtually unchanged.


    Negatives of working with SQL Server

  • Requires a dedicated server or computer running SQL Server.
  • SQL Server may require licensing if the database grows beyond 2gb.
  • Initial development cost is more than a Microsoft Access database.
  • MS SQl is designed primarly to run on windows based operating systems meaning a low compatability with other operating systems

  • Compared To Access the startup cost is higher and is recommended for situations where you will have more than 20 users or multiple locations

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