Developing Microsoft Access Programs with
Advanced Database Solutions

Advanced Database Solutions recommends Microsoft Access to clients who need a small to medium sized system that can handle up to 20 simultaneous users. MS Access programming rates tend to be lower than other options, and production speeds tend to be quicker. ADS has a large active client base, with new Access programs going live on a weekly basis!

Some examples of our custom Microsoft Access business software include inventory management software, project tracking databases, employee monitoring software, payroll and time tracking databases, and sales CRM (customer relations management), and more! To find out if using MS Access is the best choice for your business, call us at 1 (901) 308-4041‬


Positives of working with Access

  • Has the ability to easily add or remove features.
  • Adaptable to grow along with your business.
  • Created and maintained by Microsoft instead of a third party.

  • MS Access has every feature a business needs to handle workflow control, management, reporting and automation.


    Negatives of working with Access

  • Impractical as a core database for larger companies due to capacity limits of about 2GB.
  • Lacks capacity to support multiple concurrent users like Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Only available for one office location as a stand-alone program.

  • MS access is not reccommended for large scale companies with over 20 users or multiple locations

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